Screw It!! We’re Going LIVE!!

Screw It…We’re GOING LIVE!!!

Sure, we could add more stuff, we’ve got such a HUGE F*#King backlog of incredible art including templates, animations, stamps, frames… but we said SCREW IT!!!  WE’RE GOING LIVE!!

KoolrPix is NOW LIVE!!… and WE’RE HERE TO STAY!!


Check us out… and hopefully, you’ll keep coming back for more.  This blog should help you get through all the basic need-to-know stuff quickly so you can get right into the important work… CREATING your own Koolrs and SHARING them with friends and the KoolrPix Community.  Click around and if you have any questions, we’ll do our best to answer them.

So, Let’s Go…

This is KoolrPix in action.  LOAD an image, CREATE a “CUTOUT”, ADD SOME TEXT… and you’re DONE!


Save your Image (we call them Koolrs).  Share your Koolrs with everyone – PUBLIC (yes, we have a Facebook link), or save them just for yourself – PRIVATE.


And, if you really like your creation, put it on something…like a MUG, so you can turn a boring white coffee mug into something you will cherish forever!  Something YOU createdClick on the Mug to see KoolrPix in action!Welcome_01If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that there’s nothing creative about those cheesy hipster apps that simply apply a few pseudo-artsy filters to a photo to create a ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ look.  You’re looking for something more.  Real creativity and personal expression isn’t just adding hipster filters and it shouldn’t require prerequisite experience with complicated photo editors.  It’s people like you who will help us spread the word about the KoolrPix experience.

So, we’re offering you a GOLD Membership account for ONE FULL MONTH by simply registering using your Facebook account. A KoolrPix GOLD Membership entitles you to UNLOCK all the content on KoolrPix including templates, stamps. frames, font presets and patterns (not to mention full bragging rights when you tell all your friends that you were the first in your group to start using KoolrPix)!

Special Offer for Facebook Users!


Simply register with KoolrPix using your Facebook account and you automatically qualify for a complimentary ONE MONTH KoolrPix GOLD Membership account!  At the end of the month, we’re hoping you’ll want to continue making KoolrPix a regular destination and sign-up for our ONE-DOLLAR-A-MONTH, or SEVEN-DOLLARS-A-YEAR subscriptions plans .  Hipstagramers spend more than that on waffles and chai tea lattes for breakfast!

                                                  Monthly_Sub          Annual_Sub

We’re just a small team or artists and software geeks.  NO venture capitalperiod.  We’re passionate about what we do, and our goal is to give you the BEST VALUE POSSIBLE for a buck or two…and still feed ourselves.  If you become a GOLD Member, we promise not to disappoint.  You’ll make us very happy, and the art will continue to flow!


Get Your Koolrs Featured!

Join KoolrPix today!  Each week we’ll be featuring the best creative Koolrs created by our growing army of KoolrPix fanatics on our home page.  Start creating and sharing your ideas!  Who knows, you may become the most popular Koolrizer ever!



Happy_Spring2King_of_Late_Night_FramedGreat images on GREAT products! KoolrPix and Zazzle!Toss_a_DwarfVlad_is_Pissed_OffPizza_GuyFat_Kim_KidWho_Da_ManDouchebagMalaysia_370Piers_Morgan_LeprechaunOne_Stupid_BetThis_Means_War2Escalated_QuicklyKeep_CalmPrincess_Kate_BreathlessPiers_Morgan_Leprechaun


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