Getting Started

Register Your Account

Registration is easy.  It will enable you to create your own personal profile and begin sharing your Koolr creations.  It only takes a couple of seconds.   All we need is your email address and a password, or you can login via Facebook.


Getting started with KoolrPix

Once you’ve registered it’s time to ease your seat back and get buckled in.  You’re going to love the ride!  Getting started with KoolrPix is also easy!  Talk about choices!

Browse the KoolrPix Gallery: Click Browse Gallery to browse & select from hundreds of KoolrPix “templates” if you want to create a quick greeting or special memorable Koolr message that you can instantly send to someone via email, or add to Facebook.

Load Your Own Photo, Or Use Your Webcam: Click Load Your Own Photo if you have photo or image that you simply want to add some quick text to before watching it go viral across the internet.  If you have a webcam, you can also take a picture as your starting point to your first Koolr creation.

 Everything Starts on the KoolrPix Homepage


Browse the KoolrPix Gallery of editable templates.  More great templates are added each week and all the major holidays are covered with templates you’ll be proud to personalize and share.  Many templates are available free for everyone to enjoy and use.  Templates that have a lock icon are available to all KoolrPix Gold Member subscribers.  Unlocking all the KoolrPix stamps and frame overlays, in addition to accessing all fonts and font patterns and presets is also included in the KoolrPix GOLD Membership.


Locked templates display a lock in the top left corner of the preview.  Templates without the lock icon are available free for everyone to use.  A KoolrPix GOLD Membership subscription unlocks ALL available templates, stamps, frames, fonts, presets and patterns.

A KoolrPix GOLD Membership Unlocks Everything


We’ve made it really easy for you to unlock all the KoolrPix content available (Templates, Stamps, Frames, Fonts, Presets and Patterns).  Since our artists produce more new content each week, we also wanted a way for you to enjoy instant access to ALL NEW CONTENT we publish.

Drum roll, please… The KoolrPix GOLD Membership has arrived!  Simply select a subscription term—MONTHLY or ANNUAL plan and you’re GOLDEN!  If you have a Facebook account you can connect to KoolrPix through Facebook and subscribe for an entire MONTH for FREE with our ONE Month Complimentary GOLD Membership plan! Subscription_Levels

We recognize that some users may want to use KoolrPix at different times of the year, centered around the recurring special occasions and holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.  This is where the MONTHLY plan really makes sense.  It’s only ONE DOLLAR!  a month for a GOLD Membership and you instantly unlock everything!  That’s less than the cost of a single Breakfast Burrito at Taco Bell!  You can cancel your membership at any time.  Payment processing is through our very secure payment gateway.  All credit card information is encrypted and sent securely via https .

We also understand that KoolrPix can easily become addictive for many people.  We designed our ANNUAL KoolrPix GOLD Membership to satisfy all these folks with the “fix” they demand.   Our introductory offer for KoolrPix fanatics everywhere is Just SEVEN DOLLRS! for a FULL YEAR’S WORTH of KoolrPix Koolness.  If you start with a ONE MONTH membership, you can easily upgrade to a full year KoolrPix GOLD Membership at any time.

Whether you select a MONTHLY or ANNUAL GOLD Membership subscription, you to enjoy all the benefits of being a KoolrPix GOLD Member:

  • Unlock ALL KoolrPix Templates, Stamp Overlays, Frames, Fonts, Presets and Patterns
  • Enjoy unlimited access to ALL new KoolrPix content the moment we publish it
  • Save and share your own editable templates
  • Create and save your own custom stamp overlays
  • Earn points and elevate your status in the KoolrPix community by Like & Share
  • Download and save your Koolrs on your computer
  • No KoolrPix watermark on your Koolr creations

Special Offer for Facebook Users!


Simply register with KoolrPix using your Facebook account and you automatically qualify for a complimentary ONE MONTH KoolrPix GOLD Membership account!  At the end of the month, we’re hoping you’ll want to continue making KoolrPix a regular destination and sign-up for our ONE-DOLLAR-A-MONTH, or SEVEN-DOLLARS-A-YEAR subscriptions plans .  Hipstagramers spend more than that on waffles and chai tea lattes for breakfast!

Exploring the KoolrPix Gallery

There are four types of KoolrPix templates; Editable text, Add your face/image, Animated, and Backgrounds.  We’ll discuss each of these in greater details in another section of the blog.

KoolrPix fanatics, like you, who have created their own Koolrs and saved them as editable Public Templates are also featured in the Shared Gallery and available for you to edit and share.  Editable templates are clearly identified on any Koolr properties page previews.  When you click on an editable template from any Gallery selection, you can also give it a rating by clicking on the hearts.  You can also add it to your favorites making it accessible via your personal Private Profile.


Clicking on a template from the Gallery displays the template properties.  Editable templates display the yellow corner sash.  Locked templates can be accessed by selecting a subscription option that works best for you (Monthly or Annual KoolrPix GOLD Membership).

Creating Your KoolrPix Profile

OK, so you’ve registered an account with KoolrPix and you understand the basics: Content that isn’t free for everyone is clearly identified with a LOCK icon.  Affordable monthly and annual KoolrPix GOLD membership subscriptions are available to instantly unlock all available content.  And, because we’re an ART production studio, members enjoy the full benefits of having unfettered access to ALL NEW CONTENT we publish on KoolrPix through the full term of a selected membership.

Sharing the Koolrs you create with the KoolrPix community enables you to build a fan base and interact with them through your personal profile.  Once you have registered, you can access your private profile by selecting MY KOOLRS from the home page.

You can select the account details you want to share publically.

Select Details, and the EDIT button to add an avatar and personal description (optional), reset your password, and change your email address.  Click SAVE to save your changes.


 Personal Profile Details

Have some fun creating your personal profile.  Create an avatar (KoolrPix can help you with that!), and tell the KoolrPix community a little bit about yourself.

You accumulate points (your Achievement points) by creating, sharing and interacting with the KoolrPix community and your Facebook and Twitter followers.


My Koolr and My Templates

Here’s where things get really Kool!

My Koolrs:  When you edit and save a KoolrPix template, you have the option of saving it as PRIVATE (for your eyes only), or as a PUBLIC Koolr (shared with the KoolrPix community).

My Templates: Templates are Koolrs that you save as EDITABLE.  When you save a template, you can chose to save it as a PRIVATE template (for your eyes only), or as PUBLIC template (shared AND EDITABLE by the KoolrPix community).  Templates you save as PRIVATE can be opened and Koolrized by you again at any time.  All of the layers used in constructing the template can be selected and edited in your new Koolr.  Isn’t that KOOL!  Templates you save as PUBLIC, can be opened and Koolrized by the KoolrPix community, BUT they CANNOT be saved by anyone else again as an EDITABLE template, only as a PUBLIC or PRIVATE Koolr.

When your EDITABLE templates are edited and shared by other KoolrPix members, your original Koolr is always identified as the original source template.  This is how you become a famous KoolrPix artist, and grow your fan base.  Members will visit your profile and browse your personal Gallery of Koolr creations.  They will HEART their favorites (by clicking on the heart icons below the Koolr on the Koolr description page) and help you elevate your artistic standing in the KoolrPix community.


My Favorites

Whenever you find a Koolr you love that has been shared by the KoolrPix community, you can add it to your  FAVORITES.  When other members add your Koolrs to their favorites, you accumulate addition points.

Users that Make Me Popular

As you become more popular, the members who have helped you on your path to becoming a Master Koolrizer are also acknowledged.  This works in your favor also whenever you assign HEARTS to other KoolrPix members.  Your avatar appearing on other member’s profile will help others discover you.  The social component in KoolrPix is designed to create a support community for new and emerging KoolrPix artists.

PRIVATE and PUBLIC settings

We’ve already discussed who you designate a new Koolr creation as being PRIVATE or PUBLIC whenever you save your Koolr creations.  So, what do you do after the fact if you want to change this setting?  Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered!  When you select My Koolrs or My Templates, you’ll see that each of the preview thumbnails has an EYE icon.  You can turn on/off the PUBLIC/PRIVATE setting for each Koolr or Template by clicking on the EYE icon.   When you change a PUBLIC/PRIVATE setting, remember to click SAVE when you’re done.  Now, isn’t that Kool!

The “X” will delete your Koolr or Template.  You can designate multiple Koolrs at one time for deletion by clicking the X on each Koolr you want to delete.  Just remember to click SAVE when you’re done.Public_Private

Add Titles and Captions to Your Koolrs

When you create and save a Koolr or a Template, you can add a Title and Caption (description) which can be a simple or as elaborate as you desire.  The words can add context to your Koolr and help you tell a story.

We use these words in the search engine which also makes it easier for other members to discover your artistic creations.  Have fun adding compelling titles and captivating captions to all your Koolrs!

You’ll note that we also give you a handy EYE icon  and delete option directly on each Koolr and Template profile page.


Saving Your Koolrs

When you save a KoolrPix template that you have edited, you have two options; you can save your Koolr as a PRIVATE image (For Your Eyes Only), or you can make the Koolr PUBLIC and share the image with the KoolrPix community.  By default, all images are stored for PRIVATE viewing only.  You must click the checkbox to make the image PUBLIC.  When you share an image publically, please adhere to the KoolrPix Terms of Use.  All Koolrs shared publically are reviewed for appropriate subject matter and objectionable content.


Saving Your Own Edited Photos and Images

When you load your own photos and images into iKoolr, you can also save the finished Koolrs as PRIVATE or PUBLIC.  You can also designate whether you want to save your creation as an EDITABLE template, allowing the KoolrPix community to edit your original work.

When you choose to allow others to EDIT your Koolr, you are agreeing to allow others to EDIT your template design, but not save it as an editable design.  As the original designer of the template, you are identified as the original artist.  This is a great way for you to enhance your artistic profile in the KoolrPix community and at the same time allow others to benefit from your creativity as they create new Koolrs.

Leaving the save options unchecked, you save the template as a PRIVATE uneditable Koolr (for your eyes only, and not editable—by you or anyone else).


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