Have Fun with Your Images!


The Fun Begins with KoolrPix!

Personalizing images with easy-to-use creative tools to express yourself is at the heart of the KoolrPix experience.  Whether it’s inserting a simple line of text in a photo, adding fun infused stamps and decorative frame overlays to any image, or creating elaborate montages that merge clipped objects from multiple images into a single composition, at KoolrPix we believe if you can imagine it, you can create and share it!

There are many options available on the internet for creating Greeting Cards or generating a Meme that finds overnight success, but no other service offers the versatility and flexibility you get with KoolrPix!  We’re not reinventing the wheel with KoolrPix, we’re just focusing on the tools you need to create great looking output that you will be proud to show off and share with anyone or even print on an impressive range of great products available in the KoolrPix store.

The iKoolr Image Editor

The KoolrPix iKoolr Image Editor is where the magic begins.  iKoolr is a powerful online image editor that works right within your browser.  You can create and send special greetings for any occasion or invent a memorable meme that’s sure to be an overnight viral sensation.  Compose a special poem, share your thoughts on the meaning of life, or tell a short story by combining multiple templates into your own unique storyboard.  Anything is possible with KoolrPix!

The KoolrPix website features an extensive Gallery of illustrative artwork comprising ready-to-go templates and backgrounds that can serve as the starting point for any creative process. Simply select and edit the preformatted text, then save and share your creativity.  You can also upload and edit your own photos from a folder archive or directly from your Facebook albums.


When You’re in a Rush – Think KoolrPix Templates!

Who has the time anymore to make that last minute trip to the greeting card shop when you need that special card RIGHT NOW!  Maybe you forgot it was you mom’s birthday, or your girlfriend is waiting for you to say you’re sorry for screwing up, again!  Whatever the reason, KoolrPix always has your back!  Just browse or search our extensive template GALLERY, grab a template, and add your message.  KoolrPix even has templates that let you add your face or photo combined with your personal message.  Receiving your special card, personalized with your individual creative touch, will always mean a lot more to the receiver than the cliché printed cards that seem to cost a little more each time you go to buy them.  KoolrPix templates also include our vogue gallery of animated GIFs that you can also edit and share!  Long live the GIF animation!


You can share your greeting by email, Facebook, Twitter or print your image on lots of great products and gift selections ranging from T-Shirts, coffee mugs, hats, to smartphone cases and more available through our Zazzle store. When that amazing “I’m Sorry” card arrives a couple days later printed on a coffee mug, you’ll be officially out of the doghouse for months!  Your friends will also be amazed and you’ll be the talk of the party when you arrive with your Koolrized custom revenge shirt.



When You Want to Create a Great MEME – Think KoolrPix Backgrounds!

You’ve seen all those quick and dirty meme creation sites.  The same overused pictures with the same boring fonts locked into fixed positions with no deviation or flexibility allowed.  KoolrPix backgrounds change all of that!  If you have a great idea, or a story to tell, just select a background and you’re on your way to becoming the new Internet King of MEMES!  Cutout any image to create new stamps that you can add to your backgrounds and select amazing font effects that will redefine what a viral meme is all about.


Create and Share Your Original Template Designs – Become Fabulously Famous!

Unique to the KoolrPix experience is the ability to create your own templates. You can save and re-edit these templates and also share them with the KoolrPix community as fully editable templates that others can edit, save and enjoy.  Just import your photo or scanned drawing, add a clever line of text, and select a great font or preset font effect that makes your message really zing!  You can also create your own cutout stamps and add them to your design, or choose from the growing archive of KoolrPix stamp and frame overlays.  Save and share your new template as an editable public design that any KoolrPix user can personalize.

That memorable meme you created yesterday, when shared with the KoolrPix community immediately takes on a life of its own as it is re-edited, saved and shared over and over again.  As the original source, your template design is acknowledged with every derivative created and shared by other artists in the KoolrPix community.  This will put you on the fast track to both fame and notoriety on KoolrPix!

KoolrPix Also Has Mobile APPS!

For people on-the-go, you can always take KoolrPix with you to create and share moments in your life wherever you are!  KoolrPix apps are available for mobile smartphones and tablets on both the Apple and Android platforms.  We are rolling out more new apps every month, so stay tuned for ongoing app launch announcements from KoolrPix.

Mobile_Apps_iOS_4Is KoolrPix Free?

Anyone can register for Free using their Facebook account or register using their email address and then LINK their Facebook account from their personal KoolrPix Profile.  A STANDARD KoolrPix account is FREE.  The iKoolr Editor is also FREE.

Enhanced access that UNLOCKS ALL available KoolrPic creative content (Templates, Overlay Stamps, Frames, Fonts and Preset Font Effects) is available to all registered KoolrPix members through our GOLD Membership subscription plans.  GOLD Membership is designed for any budget.  A Monthly GOLD Membership is just $1.  An Annual GOLD Membership is just $7.  Members benefit from having unrestricted access to ALL KOOLRPIX AVAILABLE CONTENT, in addition to ALL NEW CONTENT published throughout the term of their membership.

What Are the Benefits of a KoolrPix GOLD Membership?


  • Instantly UNLOCK ALL KoolrPix Content
  • 1,000+ Templates & Backgrounds
  • 2,000+ Overlays (Stamps and Frames)
  • Awesome Text Presets + Wide Variety of Fonts
  • + NEW Content Added Each Week!

Summary: KoolrPix Image Personalization Options

Every project starts with an idea.  Do you want to edit a KoolrPix template, or load your own image from your photo archive, or directly from your Facebook account?  With KoolrPix, we’ve got all the options covered.

Option 1.  Browse the KoolrPix GALLERY

Browse and select a KoolrPix Template to personalize.  Clicking on a template shows you its Description Page.  Click on KOOLRIZE to launch the template in the iKoolr Editor.



Option 2.  Select Load Your Own Photo

From the KoolrPix Homepage, you can load a photo or any image directly into the iKoolr Editor.  Simply select a folder containing your image and click on the image to launch the iKoolr editor.


Option 3.  Select Browse Facebook Albums

It’s easy to browse and select images from your Facebook albums to edit directly in iKoolr.  If you registered with KoolrPix using your Facebook ID, you are automatically linked to your Facebook  account.  Clicking on Browse Facebook Albums will then display previews of images in all of your Facebook photo albums.  Select an Album (left column) and then click on an image to load in the iKoolr Editor.  When you save your edited Facebook photo, you can save the photo to your Facebook Timeline, a Facebook Album, or Send to Friends.

If you registered using your email address, you can easily LINK your KoolrPix account to your Facebook account from your KoolrPix Profile.



Sharing Your Edited Facebook Photos

When you edit and save your Facebook photos, you can select any of these Facebook options from your My Koolrs Image Description page.


Get started with your first KoolrPix project today


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