KoolrPix Montage Templates

KoolrPix Greeting Card and Montage Templates

In addition to face frame templates that have a mask element ready for you to insert a face, KoolrPix also includes a variety of special message greeting cards and montage design templates for you to add a single photo, or several photos.  Just like KoolrPix face frames, you start by selecting the template and loading it in the iKoolr editor.


You can use a web cam, or load a photo from a photo library on your computer.  Select an area that will fill the mask shape in the template you have selected.


Size and position the photo to fill the mask.


Return to your canvas to select and edit the preformatted text.


Some templates include design objects that cannot be unlocked.  In this template the mask shape is an example of an object that is permanently locked.


The muffin stamp in this template can be unlocked to enable custom sizing and positioning within your design.  Clicking on the lock icon locks/unlocks the layer object.


Resize the muffin object and position it in your canvas.


All that’s left is to enter some text and save your finished Koolr and share on Facebook, add to Twitter, or send via email to share your precious joy with everyone!


Or, create a special Birth Announcement Greeting Card with KoolrPix and Zazzle!  Click on the image below to see how easy it is to create GREAT Announcements and Greeting Cards with KoolrPix and Zazzle!



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