Adding Patterns to FONTS

In addition to single and gradient fill effects, you can also select PATTERNS to fill your fonts.  Open the FONT OPACITY menu by clicking “+” and click on PATTERN from the Color Options icons.  Scroll though the wide range of pattern fills available and click to select.  Pattern fills work best when your text is large, with broad font face to display the pattern.  Use the zoom slider to enhance your pattern preview.



When you’re in a rush, or simply looking for a KOOL font treatment, KoolrPix FONT PRESETS make creating great-looking text easy!  With your text selected on your canvas, select PRESETS from the main FONT menu.  To browse the available PRESET font treatments, hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and SLIDE your mouse UP/DOWN to scroll through the PRESET font list.  Additional FONT PRESETS are added to the list often.  Subscribing to  a monthly or annual KoolrPix GOLD Membership provides continued access to the growing list of available PRESETS.



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