Ready-To-Go Templates

KoolrPix Templates are Ready-To-Go!

The KoolrPix GALLERY is a rich template resource that covers a broad range of subjects and artistic styles.  KoolrPix templates include preformatted text that can easily be edited to create your own personalized message in just seconds!  You simply double-click on “Your Text Here” to open the text editing box.  Drag your mouse over the default message to select it and then type your own message and click OK.

KoolrPix templates include just-add-text, add-you-face, and animated varieties.   KoolrPix also includes a broad selection of BACKGROUNDS.  Backgrounds do not include a preset editable text layer.

Let’s Review the Process of Selecting a Template and Creating a Personalized Message

To access and browse the KoolrPix Template Gallery, click GALLERY from the KoolrPix Homepage.


Browse through the KoolrPix GALLERY and click on any template to select it.  From the template’s description page click KOOLRIZE to launch the template in the iKoolr Editor.


The template opens in  the editor with the preformatted text selected.


Double-Click on the default “Your Text Here” to open the Edit Text box.


Drag your mouse over the “Your Text Here” default text to select it.

Type your own personalized text message.
Templates_05AClick OK to apply your new text to your design.


Resize, rotate, and reposition your text in the design.


Line spacing, or “line leading” is the distance between successive lines of type.  Open the FONT OPACITY menu to access the LEADING slider in the iKoolr Editor.  Sliding the leading control increases / decreases the line leading.


With your personalized message in place, you can SAVE your finished Koolr.  When you SAVE a Koolr, you can save as a PRIVATE Koolr (for your eyes only), or you can share your Koolr creation by clicking on the “Make this image Public” checkbox.


Share and enjoy your new Koolr creation with all your friends!


KoolrPix Koolrs also make great gifts!  Click on the Zazzle products link on your new Koolr’s description page to see your design applied to a wide range of premium products from!


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