KoolrPix CUTOUTS – 1.01

KoolrPix CUTOUTS – Professional Results in Just Seconds!

You know how you’ve always dreamed of being able to “SHOP” an image like a real Photoshop expert?  But, you always thought it would be impossible to learn how to do it yourself and certainly well beyond your budget to even try.  Well, no more!  You’ve now got KoolrPix!

KoolrPix CUTOUTS are easy enough to create that anyone can do it!  It’s just like coloring.  Just stay within the lines and if you make a mistake, just erase and try again.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  It is!  And best of all, every CUTOUT you create becomes part of your own “MY Stamps” collection to use over and over again with all your Koolr design projects!

OK, let’s take a close look at KoolrPix CUTOUTS.

With KoolrPix CUTOUTS, you can import an entire image into your design, or you can paint a mask over just a portion of the image.  We’ll show you both techniques in this project.  First, let’s look at the BEFORE image and the Koolrized AFTER image we’re going to create.  It’s a modern day mashup of Johanne Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring (1665).


To create this, we start by Googling “Johanne Vermeer Girl with the Pearl Earring” to find the original painting.  A high res version of the painting is the ideal starting point to create this mashup.  Save the image on your system and then click “Load Your Own Photo” in KoolrPix.



We cropped the original image to a tighter crop focusing on the head and shoulders.  When you have the CROP size the way you want it, click the CUTOUT icon.

Next, we load a photo from our personal photo archive (younger sister taking a photo with her BFF’s).  Click on GET A PICTURE and load the image from your photo archive.


We’re going to select just a portion of the photo…the hand holding the smartphone.


With the CUTOUT custom crop area adjusted, click IMPORT to load your image into the CUTOUT module.

Select a mask color that will provide good contrast with the source image you will use to create your new stamp.  The brush slider determines the size of the brush strokes.  The feather slider determines the opacity of the brush strokes (great for creating a soft outline edge).  Select PAINT to begin painting your mask.  If you color outside your intended mask object, select ERASE and paint to erase.


PREVIEW will preview your CUTOUT stamp, removing the rest of the original image.  You can continue painting/erasing until you are happy with your new stamp.  Use the Zoom slider and vary the brush size to create very precise CUTOUT masks.


When you have completed painting your new CUTOUT stamp, click IMPORT.  If you mess up and want to start over, select CLEARNEW takes you all the way back to the beginning where you would re-load a source photo and start from scratch.

Once imported into your canvas, size and position the new CUTOUT stamp where you want it.


The next step is easy and it will almost finish our Vermeer mashup.  Click CUTOUT again and load the original Vermeer painting again.  This time, we’ll crop the area we want to include just the face.


Click IMPORT to load the face into the CUTOUT module.  This time, we want to import the ENTIRE IMAGE, so we don’t need to paint a mask.  We can IMPORT the entire image by clicking IMPORT.


Simply size and position the imported image into position on the phone’s screen.  We softened the opacity of the imported CUTOUT  to make it look more realistic.  The only thing left to do is create a small portion of the finger in the bottom left corner.


Click CUTOUT one last time and load the original photo with the hand and phone.  This time, we create a Custom Crop Area encircling just the finger.


Paint a quick mask over just enough of the finger to cover the corner of the phone’s screen.


Click IMPORT to add the finger then use the ZOOM slider to position and size the finger where it belongs.  If you use the OPACITY slider, the new finger can be easily sized and placed precisely over the original finger.  And you’re finished!  All that’s left is to SAVE your finished design and share it with your friends!


Now, wasn’t that EASY!!  Even Vermeer himself would approve of this mashup!



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