Working with the LAYER BAR

You can slide the stamp to any location.  Corner controls size the stamp proportionally, middle controls size the stamp non-proportionally.  The LAYER BAR enables you to edit the layer position of any object in your canvas.  Select the desired layer and click the UP/DOWN Blue Direction Arrows to move a layer forward/backward in the layer order.  With the stamp we have added, you can tuck the stamp behind all the other elements by moving it down the layer bar.


In a complex design with many elements the LAYER BAR is also a great way to select objects that are buried beneath other layers.  There are several tricks you can use to easily resize and position design elements that are buried behind other layers.

  • Lock all other layers.  The LOCK icon is GREEN when unlocked, and RED when locked.  Locking all other layers enables you to click on the canvas and only select your target layer.  You can then easily resize this layer.  Locking layers is also a good way to avoid inadvertently moving a layer you have already placed.
  • Another trick to easily select a layer hidden beneath another layer is to temporarily hide layers.  Clicking on the EYE icon of any selected layer, hides that layer on the canvas enabling you to select layers beneath it.  Clicking on the EYE icon again reveals the hidden icon.
  • Moving layers up the layer order, to a position where you can resize the element on the canvas, and then moving it back into its desired layer position is another way to easily edit an element on the canvas.

To DELETE any layer object, click the RED X and then confirm your desire to delete the selected object.

There is no limit to the number of layers you can apply to any Koolr design.


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