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KoolrPix_is_LIVE_Wordpress_Crop is LIVE!  KoolrPix Makes Personalizing and Sharing Photos Both Easy and Fun! 

Ottawa, CANADA (PRWEB) March 22, 2013 – iKoolr Inc. has just launched KoolrPix, an easy to use online image editor and photo sharing platform with innovative editing, personalization and image sharing options designed for people with no experience using complex photo editors [].

Recognizing that the last thing the world needs is another pseudo-artsy photo app that simply applies cheesy filters to photos to achieve a vintage or antique look, KoolrPix takes photo and image personalization to a whole new level with amazing image results.  KoolrPix is a feature-rich, online photo editor that works right in your browser; no downloads required.  KoolrPix can tackle everything from birthday and holiday greetings, party invitations, new baby announcements, photo spoofs, “go viral” memes, & much more.  Facebook users can now easily enhance special photos with text, overlays and frames before sharing on their Timeline.

With the KoolrPix Web-based ‘iKoolr’ editor, you can load an archived image, take a picture with an onboard web cam, or select a KoolrPix ready-to-go template from the extensive Gallery as a starting point.  The iKoolr toolbox has everything from the basics like cropping and rotation to a full selection of enhancement options including artistic stamp overlays, frames, and text.  Added effects including shadows,  presets font fills and patterns deliver professional looking results in just seconds.  You can even create your own custom stamp overlays using the iKoolr CUTOUTS tool.  Simply load an image and then ‘paint’ a cutout mask over any part of the image before importing it into the design.  Layer controls provide precise layer positioning within complex compositions.  KoolrPix also supports animations with a wide selection of animated ‘add-your-text’ templates with new designs added each week for GOLD membership subscribers.

The basic KoolrPix service, with access to a subset of the full KoolrPix content archive is available for free to all registered users.  KoolrPix also provides affordable monthly and annual subscription GOLD Membership plans for just $1/month, or $7 for a full year.   A KoolrPix GOLD Membership unlocks the full KoolrPix content archive for the full term of the subscription.  iKoolr is also an art production studio, so members also benefit from having access to an ongoing constant flow of new creative content from the moment it’s published on the KoolrPix service.

As an introductory offer, KoolrPix is offering Facebook users a complimentary one month GOLD Membership when they register an account with KoolrPix.

KoolrPix is also a platform for sharing artistic creations with the KoolrPix community.  Members can select favorites, save and share their favorite creations as ‘editable’ templates for other members of the community to edit and share as derivative works.  Members also earn artistic achievement points by creating and sharing their own work, and providing feedback and comments to the designs of other members.  Members can even print their prized KoolrPix creations on a wide range of premium merchandise through a partnership with Zazzle [] the world’s leading platform for quality custom products.

iKoolr also offers a variety of Mobile App versions of KoolrPix for both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones enabling users to personalize and share their photos wherever they go.

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About iKoolr Inc.

iKoolr Inc. was founded in 2011 and its mission is to help the world communicate more effectively through both words and pictures.  Whether it’s on the go with their mobile devices, or just relaxing in front of their home computer, iKoolr’s innovative KoolrPix software tools enable anyone to quickly and easily edit their photos and images and share them through their social networks or via email with family and friends.  Recognizing that complex photo editing programs such as Photoshop are well beyond the budget and means of most people to learn and master, KoolrPix was created as an affordable alternative that anyone can master to create simply amazing results.  Great images should also be easy to print on a wide range of premium merchandise.  iKoolr has partnered with, the world’s leading platform for quality custom products to make all of this a reality.  iKoolr Inc. also publishes KoolrPix apps for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.  For more information, please see and the KoolrPix Blog

Contact Information:

Peter J Heney, iKoolr Inc., tel (613) 727-8184, email peter [at sign]




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