Applying STAMPS to Your Koolrs

To scroll through the STAMPS category list, hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and SLIDE your mouse UP/DOWN to scroll through the list.  Click on any subject category to open.


Clicking on a stamp automatically adds it to the canvas.  To browse the entire stamp set in any category, hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and SLIDE your mouse UP/DOWN to scroll through the stamp set.



To open the stamp editing menu, select the stamp on your canvas, and click EDIT STAMP


You can adjust the opacity of any selected STAMP using the Stamp Opacity SliderFlipping, Copying, and Deleting a selected stamp are also available options from the EDIT STAMP menu.


You can also create very KOOL stamp shadows.  Click on the “+” to open the Shadow intensity menu.  You can adjust the slider controls for shadow intensity, blur, and spreadClick and hold the Positioning icon and slide the shadow to the desired position.

You can set your shadow colors to be a single color, or a multicolor gradients.  The BRIGHTNESS slider controls the overall color brightness, from very dark, to very bright.  When selecting gradient shadow colors, you can have as many gradient colors as you like.  Click anywhere on the gradient bar to add new markers.  To delete a gradient color, click on its marker and hold & drag (up or down) away from the gradient bar.  There is really no limit to how creative you want to be with your stamp shadows.



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