Having Fun with KoolrPix CUTOUTS – PRO Style

With KoolrPix CUTOUTS you Create Your Own CUTOUT Stamp Overlays and they are automatically saved in MY CUTOUTS in your personal profile.  You can use your cutouts over and over again.

You know how you’ve always dreamed of being able to “SHOP” an image like all those Photoshop experts do?  But, you always thought it would be impossible to learn and well beyond your budget to even try.  Well, no more!

KoolrPix CUTOUTS are easy enough to create that anyone can do it!  It’s just like coloring.  Just stay within the lines and in you make a mistake, just erase and try again.  Sound easy, doesn’t it?  It is!  And best of all, every CUTOUT you create becomes part of your own MY Stamps collection to use over and over again with all your Koolr design projects!

So, you’ve mastered the Basics of KoolrPix CUTOUTS and you now are ready to tackle something a little more ambitious.  This next project introduces several tips and tricks that will have your friends wondering how you became a Photoshop expect overnight!

Here’s a BEFORE KoolrPix and AFTER KoolrPix design.  We’ll show you how easy this was to create.


Let’s Get Started

Select Load Your Own Photo to load a photo from your photo archive.



Click on CUTOUTS

You can take a picture or get a picture from your photo library to create you new CUTOUT stamp.


Your image will load into the CUTOUT tool.


Select a mask color that will provide good contrast with the source image you will use to create your new stamp.  The brush slider determines the size of the brush strokes.  The feather slider determines the opacity of the brush strokes (great for creating a soft outline edge).  Select PAINT to begin painting your mask.  If you color outside your intended mask object, select ERASE and paint to erase.


PREVIEW will preview your CUTOUT stamp, removing the rest of the original image.  You can continue painting/erasing until you are happy with your new stamp.  Use the Zoom slider and vary the brush size to create very precise CUTOUT masks.


When you have completed painting your new CUTOUT stamp, click IMPORT.  If you mess up and want to start over, select CLEARNEW takes you all the way back to the beginning where you would re-load a source photo and start from scratch.


So, we have the stamp created, and now we have to place it behind the water skier.  To do that, we need to create another new stamp CUTOUT of the water skier.  You don’t need the entire skier.  Including some of the water and waves will help to create the effect of the shark coming out of the water.


We’ll use a couple of advanced “tricks” that really help make the resizing of the water skier easy.  We can hide the shark momentarily by clicking on the “eye” icon for the shark layer in the layer bar.  You’re not deleting the shark, you’re just hiding it so you can quickly size and position the skier.

With the shark hidden, another trick to assist in resizing the skier back to original size is to select the new stamp and slide the Stamp Layer Opacity slider to create a transparent/opaque skier.  Now, just slide the stamp into position and resize it over the original image.


That was easy, wasn’t it!  Now you can slide the Stamp Opacity back to it’s full position and click again on the “eye” icon for the shark layer.  Voila, you’ve got your shark chasing the water skier!  You will probably want to precisely size and position the shark, so it helps to LOCK the skier by clicking on the skier layer in the Layer Bar.  Now when you click anywhere on the shark, only that layer will be selected.


To finish the effect, we add some opaque water by creating another layer using CUTOUT again and once more selecting the original photo.  CUTOUT some of the water on both sides of the skier in the original photo and import into your canvas as another new layer.  Soften the opacity and move the layer into position.  If you need to, move the water layer between the skier and the shark in the layer bar.


In our design, we go one step further and create one last CUTOUT of some of the white froth using the feathering slider to create a soft opaque effect.  Import this last stamp and position it.  You can COPY it and use FLIP X to reverse the copied stamp and place it on the right side of the shark to complete the effect.


One last thing to do.  Add some text.  Click the TEXT tool icon and type your text.  Pick a font, and add some color.  In our design, we used a gradient fill with four fill colors.  We also applied an OUTLINE and a SHADOW.  You can read more about working with the TEXT tool in iKOOLR Magic.


This complete project took approximately 15 minutes from start to finish.  If you tried doing this in Photoshop, you would first have to deal with the learning curve and even if you were able to elevate your skills to an advanced level, this would likely take you at least an hour to complete.  Who needs Photoshop when you have KoolrPix!

Save your finished design.  If you want to share it publically, select PUBLIC when you save.  It’s also a good idea to save your Koolrs as EDITABLE, even if you are not saving for PUBLIC use.  We’ll show you why in a second.

Add a title and a Caption to your new Koolr.


Your new Koolr would look great on a Zazzle product!  Click the ZAZZLE products link on the image profile page to launch the KoolrPix Zazzle store.

Let’s create a customized iPad Mini case with your new Koolr.   The iPad Mini template needs an image that is portrait shaped.  No problem.  Because we saved our Koolr as an EDITABLE image, we can go back and make a very quick adjustment to our design.


Reloading the design in KoolrPix enables us to adjust our text to fit the desired Zazzle iPad Mini product template.  We can resize and position our text into two lines that will fit nicely in the vertical portrait orientation of the Zazzle iPad case.


Now, when we save our adjusted Koolr and click on the KoolrPix Zazzle store products link, our design fits perfectly!  The SAFE area red dotted lines and the solid BLEED area lines confirm that our design will look GREAT on the iPad Mini Case!


Clicking on the preview finished products confirms we have just created a really Kool customized iPad case that will be the envy of all!


Click the Picture to See KoolrPix LIVE in Action….Your Custom Image on an iPad Mini Glossy Case!



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