Create a KoolrPix Montage

Creating a KoolrPix Montage is Easy!

With this project, we’ll merge two photos into one incredible Koolr using the KoolrPix CUTOUT tool.

 Let’s Get Started

1. Click on Load Your Own Photo and select an image from your photo archive that will become the “background” photo.  You can crop this image to any dimension.  Click IMPORT to load your photo in the iKoolr Editor.



2. Your image loads into the iKoolr editor’s CROP & LAYOUT  control screen.  You can further adjust the CROP on your background by dragging any of the corner handles to select an area of the photo.  Clicking on the LOCK icon will UNLOCK the proportional CROP and place the sizing controls in the center positions enabling a non-proportional crop to your photo.

We’ll maintain the original CROP that we selected when we loaded the photo.


We’re now ready to add our second photo and create a custom CUTOUT.  Click the CUTOUT icon.


3. When you create a KoolrPix CUTOUT, you can Take a Picture if you have a web cam on your computer, or you can Get a Picture from your photo archive folder on your computer.  We are going to load an image from archive, so we click GET A PICTURE.


4. Use the anchor sizing controls to resize and position the custom selection area to contain only the portion of the image you want to use to create your new CUTOUT stamp.  Then, click IMPORT to load your image in the CUTOUT editor.


5. Just like finger painting, but with your mouse, you simply PAINT a mask on the portion of your photo that contains the image you want to create.  Hold down the left mouse button when you paint.

You can select the Brush color that you use to create your mask.  It helps to select a brush color that provides good contrast from the colors in your selected image.  We like to PAINT using a GREEN mask color.  The SIZE of the brush is controlled using the SIZE slider.  The FEATHER slider controls the opacity/transparency of the mask.  Using a high feather setting around the edges of your masked shape will provide the most realistic effect when you add your new CUTOUT stamp to your design.


6. Use the ZOOM slider control to zoom-in on areas that require more precise painting of your mask.  At any time through the paint process, you can adjust both the brush SIZE and FEATHER opacity sliders.

To PAN your canvas when you are in ZOOM mode, HOLD DOWN the SPACEBAR on your keyboard, and slide your mouse around (holding down the left mouse button simultaneously).

If you make a mistake, and paint ‘outside the lines’, click ERASE and paint over the area you wish to erase.  Once again, adjusting the brush size and feather sliders can help erase only the area you wish to remove.

With a little practice, you will master the art of KoolrPix CUTOUT painting in no time and your friends will think you’re a Photoshop Pro!


7.  With your entire mask created, you are ready to import.  Before you import, you can click on PREVIEW to review your mask.

Clicking PREVIEW enables you to preview your completed mask at any time prior to import.  If you see anything you would like to adjust, simply click on PAINT or ERASE to add your finishing touches.


8. Click IMPORT when your painted mask is complete and your new CUTOUT stamp will be applied to your background image.  All that’s left to do is SIZE and POSITION your new stamp where you want it to appear.

Your CUTOUT stamps are also saved in your personal CUTOUT stamps folder to be used over and over again on any other design.


9. With your stamp sized and positioned, you are ready to SAVE your new Koolr creation.  When you’re ready, click SAVE.


10. When you SAVE a Koolr design, you have the option of saving your Koolrs as Editable templates that other KoolrPix members can edit and enjoy.  As the original artist, you are always identified and credited as the original KoolrPix artist designer.  This is a great way to enhance your artistic profile in the KoolrPix community.  If you want others to have access to your work as an editable Koolr, you do need to check this save setting.

You can SHARE your Koolrs with the KoolrPix community or save them as PRIVATE (for your eyes only).  The default setting here is PRIVATE, so you’ll need to click this setting to share your Koolr PUBLICLY.

NOTE:  If you click “Save as an editable template”, but also save the image as a PRIVATE Koolr, you will be able to change the setting at any time to PUBLIC sharing and make your Koolr available for everyone to edit.  If, however, you do not save as an editable template, you will not be able to change this setting at a later date.


11. With your new Koolr saved, you can add a Title to your work, as well as a Caption and Description and then click SAVE.

Great KoolrPix Koolrs also make great gifts!  Clicking on the “Make a Custom Product” link will take you to the Zazzle premium products store where you can select from a range of quality products available from  Refer to the earlier posting in this Blog regarding adding your designs to Zazzle products.


iKoolr_Step_12Share your favorite Koolrs with family and friends via email or post to your Facebook Albums!  With KoolrPix, you’ll always get rave reviews on all your Koolr creations!  Get creative with KoolrPix!



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