MEME KOOLR Creates Amazing Memes!

Meme Koolr – A Powerful New Meme Maker App for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets!

If you’ve always wanted to create awesome memes on your phone, you’re going to be AMAZED at what you can create in just seconds with Meme Koolr!  And… It’s FREE!Splash_Screen_2bMeme_Koolr_Banner_1028x481_Success

Looks Great on Any Device!

Designed for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets! Auto-rotating UI for optimum finger real estate when working with wide or tall images.Any_Device_3Google_Play_App_Store





Get Started By Selecting an Image Source:

LOAD YOUR OWN IMAGE, or select from HUNDREDS of your favorite and popular memes available through the ONLINE LIVE MEME GALLERY.  New memes are added all the time!  If you are creating memes from your own images, you can take a picture, select one from your photo library, your Instagram account, or grab a Facebook photo from an album.

Source_ImagesTap the ONLINE MEME GALLERY tab to browse, search, select and download your favorite memes from the LIVE online gallery with hundreds of Featured, Popular, New and Trending memes to choose from.  Searching for that special meme is also easy using Meme Koolr’s online meme database.  Just start typing then download and start creating instantly!Online_Meme_Gallery_SEARCH_Zooey

Easy-to-Use intuitive interface features:

  • Thousands of image choices! (popular memes, stamps, cutouts and frames)
  • Add stamps, captions and text, cutouts to ANY meme design!
  • Create your own unique memes from Instagram, Facebook, selfies, personal photo archives
  • Amazing Text Controls! (callouts, word bubbles, preset fonts, color editing)
  • ZOOM, PAN, scale and rotate your meme elements
  • Control Opacity on any select object
  • Layer Bar arranges the order of all your meme ‘layers’
  • Share your meme creations via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc…Meme_Templates_01a

    Pick Your Meme Style

    From traditional meme template designs to customized poster templates, it’s your choice. Change colors, add text, stamps, cutouts and frames to create & share personalized memes your friends will love.Templates_01b_JPG


    Create Amazing Text!

    Create and place your text as single text lines (Title Text) or inside word balloons and bubbles (Callouts). Edit the color of your text and the base callout selected.  Over 30 different Title Text preset designs included!

    Great_Fonts_FinalGet Creative with Text Callouts

    No fiddling with line breaks or adjusting text to fit with Meme Koolr CALLOUTS. When resizing, autofill always adjusts your text to fit the selected callout! Even change your callout style without retyping your text!


    Add Stamps and Cutouts & Even Create Your Own!

    Meme Koolr is the ONLY meme app that delivers more than just your favorite meme backgrounds.  Meme fanatics want popular meme characters too!  And that’s what you get with Meme Koolr!  Thousands of editable STAMPS and high quality CUTOUTS that you won’t find in any other meme generator.CUTOUTSCutouts_02aSearching for that special meme character is also easy using Meme Koolr’s online database. Just start typing then download and begin creating instantly!Cutouts_Search_3_JPG

    You Can Even Create Your Very Own Personal Cutout Stamps with Meme Koolr!

    That’s right!  Create your own PERSONAL CUTOUTS directly in Meme Koolr, from ANY SOURCE IMAGE !CUTOUT_00a_JPGSimply select a source photo and crop the area of your photo containing your cutout.  Then, use your finger or a pen stylus to ERASE the background surrounding your cutout.  ZOOM & PAN to get all the details!  You can also adjust brush size and edge feathering (opacity) to achieve results that will simply amaze you!   Tap RESTORE to paint back over areas of over-erasure.  When completed, tap DONE to load your new cutout into your meme design.  Have fun creating your own personal archive of cutouts that you can use over and over again in all you Meme Koolr creations!

    With Meme Koolr,  you can also SAVE and EASILY EDIT your Meme Koolr creations in just seconds!  Add new text or insert new cutouts and stamps and then save as a new Meme!

    Also Add Stickers and Stamps to Your Meme Designs

    Add_StickersIn addition to the Online CUTOUTS gallery, Meme Koolr provides a selection of scalable vector STAMPS (stickers) and FRAME OVERLAYS. Choose from popular symbols and pictograms to create that killer meme!Stamps

    Smart Color Edits

    Change the main color of any stamp without degrading image quality. Smart-editing allows for only the MAIN color to be changed without affecting the overall style and shape. Create unlimited variations of any stamp to suit your message. All edits are also re-versible without any degradation.Stamps_Smart_Color

    Frame Your Meme Creations

    You can also add a frame to any meme you create. You can even edit the color and opacity of your selected frame!Frames

You’ll Love the Meme Koolr Layer Bar!

The Meme Koolr Layer Bar lets you control the position of every element in your meme design.  Individual layers can be moved up/down, locked and even hidden from view.Layer_Bar_Final

Everything You Need to Create Memes You Can’t Wait to Share!



Hi-Resolution Output too!

No more cheesy low resolution output files!  Hi-Res Meme Koolr output will always impress your friends!PWN_a_DogCreating and sharing all your favorite memes on your phone with your friends via Facebook, Twitter,e-mail, Bluetooth, Picasa…has never been easier!Zuckerberg_Simply_Amazing_JPGMeme_Koolr_Samples_01Meme_Koolr_Samples_02All_MinePromo1_JPG

Put Meme Koolr on Your Phone or Tablet Today!  It’s FREE!




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