Magical KoolrPix Presets

Try KoolrPix Preset Font Effects… You’ll Be Amazed!

Creating great-looking text in all your KoolrPix creations is EASY!  With KoolrPix Preset font effects, awesome font fills and effects are accomplished with a single mouse click!

With this post we’ll show you how easy it is to create great looking text using the KoolrPix Presets.


Select a KoolrPix Background from the KoolrPix template Gallery.

We selected an 8 x 10 aspect ratio and then clicked on the orientation icon to switch the crop to a vertical/portrait orientation.  With that completed, we selected TEXT by clicking on the icon.


In the TEXT box, we type “Happy” and click OK.


We then resized and positioned the text (still in its default font – white with blue outline).


Now, just click on PRESETS to access the KoolrPix Presets menu.  Scroll down the list to select a preset treatment and then click on it to select and apply it to your text.



Our special Koolr today is a Birthday Greeting, so we need to add a second line of text.  Clicking on “Happy” to select it, the EDIT FONT menu opens.  Click COPY to copy a new text line.  Move this new text line to the bottom of the page.


Double-click on the new copied line of text to open the TEXT editing box.  Type “Birthday” and click OK.


With the help of KoolrPix Presets, this Happy Birthday greeting is complete.  Total time from start to finish… under 60 seconds!


At this point, you can SAVE your finished Koolr and send to that special someone enjoying a Birthday today.

We’ll make just a few more simple adjustments and show you how easy it is to edit KoolrPix Presets to make the finished Koolr your own customized greeting.

Getting Fancy with Presets

We’ll show you now how easy it is to add your own custom edits to KoolrPix Presets.

With the word “Birthday” selected, click on the “+” to open the FONT OPACITY menu.  You’ll see that this preset uses a GRADIENT color fill based on 2 gradient markers.  Let’s change this by adding a third gradient and adjust the colors in the final gradient fill treatment.


Click on the Gradient color bar to add another gradient marker.  With the new gradient marker selected, click anywhere on the color palette above to assign a color to that marker.  You can slide the gradient left or right and use the BRIGHTNESS slider to adjust the color brightness assigned to this single gradient color.  Five different orientation patterns are available for gradient effects.  Double-click toggles the pattern direction.


We have added one more gradient marker, and emphasized the yellow in our customized preset fill.  All that’s left to do is transfer duplicate this same customization to the word “Happy

The quickest way to do this is to simply delete the word ‘Happy’ and copy and edit the word ‘Birthday’.  This will create a duplicate text line with identical color attributes.

Click on “Happy” to select it.  Then click on the RED X in the Layer Bar for this selected layer.


Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.


Click on “Birthday” to select it.  Then click on COPY.  Move the copied line of text to the top of your design and then double-click it to open the TEXT editing box.  Type “Happy” and click OK.


Your Customised PRESET Birthday Greeting is complete!


You’re now ready to SAVE your new Koolr!  You can SHARE your Koolrs with the KoolrPix community or save them as PRIVATE (for your eyes only).  The default setting is PRIVATE, so you’ll need to click this setting in order to share your Koolr PUBLICLY.


Add a Title, Caption and Description to you Koolr, then click SAVE on the Koolr description page.


Another Great Koolr!  Remember, KoolrPix Koolrs make Great Gifts!  Just click on the Custom Products Zazzle Store link on the your Koolr description page to see your customized Koolr on a wide range of premium gifts from




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