KoolrPix Help Index

Everything you need to know about using the KoolrPix site and the iKoolr Image Editor is available through the KoolrPix Blog.  We also offer a selection of KoolrPix mobile apps for your Android or iOS smartphone.

If we’ve missed anything, or if you have a specific question that we haven’t addressed, please don’t hesitate asking us.  Your comments are always appreciated.

Overview: What is KoolrPix?

    1. Registering Your Account 
    2. The KoolrPix Homepage
    3. KoolrPix GOLD Membership
    4. Creating a Profile
    5. My KOOLRS
    6. Private & Public Settings 
    7. Titles & Captions 
    8. Saving Your Koolrs

The iKoolr Editor

  1. Ready-To-Go Templates
  2. KoolrPix Face Templates
  3. KoolrPix Montage Templates
  4. Cropping Your Layout
  5. Editing Template Text
  6. KoolrPix FONT PRESETS
  7. More on Patterns & Presets
  8. Adding OUTLINES to Text
  9. Using FIT CANVAS and ZOOM
  10. Adding Shadows
  11. Adding Stamp Overlays
  12. Adding Frame Overlays
  13. Working With the LAYER BAR
  14. Saving Your Finished Koolrs

Advanced Techniques

  1. KoolrPix CUTOUTS  1.01
  2. CUTOUTS Pro
  3. Create a Montage from Scratch
  4. Creating Products with
  5. Having Fun With KoolrPix CUTOUTS

KoolrPix Mobile Apps

  1. KoolrPix Apps for Android and iOS
  2. KoolrPix Meme Koolr
  3. KoolrPix Christmas
  4. KoolrPix Valentine’s Day
  5. KoolrPix St. Patrick’s Day
  6. KoolrPix Easter
  7. KoolrPix I Love You Mom
  8. KoolrPix Celebrate America
  9. KoolrPix Halloween
  10. KoolrPix Studio for iOS
  11. KoolrPix Studio for Android

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