KoolrPix Easter Greetings are Easy!

Create & Share a KoolrPix Easter Greeting!

Creating a personalized Easter Greeting you can share with family and friends is EASY with KoolrPix!

Just select an Easter template from the KoolrPix Easter Gallery , add your photo, edit the text, and SAVE!  It’s that easy!

Step 1. Select an Easter Template

Then click the KOOLRIZE button to open the template in the iKoolr editor.


Step 2. Take a Picture or Get a Picture

If you have a web cam, you can take a picture to add to your Easter greeting, or you can load a photo from your photo archive.Easter_02

Step 3. CROP your image to include the  entire photo or just a portion of it.

Then click the IMPORT to load your photo in your Easter greeting.


Step 4. Size and position your photo in the mask

Use the corner sizing controls to resize your  photo.  You can even rotate the photo.


Step 5. Adding text to your Easter Greeting

Select “Your Text Here” and double-click to open the text editor.


Step 6. Type your text

Click OK and then size and position your text where you want it.  Text can be resized proportionally  (corner sizing controls) or non-proportionally (middle sizing controls).  You can also rotate your text using the corner rotation control.


Step 7. Click COPY

Copy the current selected text, and then double-click to open the Text Editor.  Enter your new text and click OK.   Resize and position your new line of text.


Step 8. Save your finished Easter greeting

The default save option will save your Koolr in your private profile.  Clicking “Make this image Public” shares it with the KoolrPix community.


Step 9. Add a Title and Caption and DOWNLOAD Your Easter Greeting

You can add a title and caption to your finished Easter greeting (click SAVE to save your title and caption).  Click DOWNLOAD to download and save your Easter greeting on your computer.


Your Easter Greeting is now ready to be shared with friends and family!



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