My Koolrs and My Templates

Here’s where things get really Kool!   Select My Koolrs from the Home Page.


My Koolrs:  When you edit and save a KoolrPix template, you have the option of saving it as PRIVATE (for your eyes only), or as a PUBLIC Koolr (shared with the KoolrPix community).

My Templates: Templates are Koolrs that you save as EDITABLE.  When you save a template, you can chose to save it as a PRIVATE template (for your eyes only), or as PUBLIC template (shared AND EDITABLE by the KoolrPix community).  Templates you save as PRIVATE can be opened and Koolrized by you again at any time.  All of the layers used in constructing the template can be selected and edited in your new Koolr.  Isn’t that KOOL!  Templates you save as PUBLIC, can be opened and Koolrized by the KoolrPix community, BUT they CANNOT be saved by anyone else again as an EDITABLE template, only as a PUBLIC or PRIVATE Koolr.

When your EDITABLE templates are edited and shared by other KoolrPix members, your original Koolr is always identified as the original source template.  This is how you become a famous KoolrPix artist, and grow your fan base.  Members will visit your profile and browse your personal Gallery of Koolr creations.  They will HEART their favorites (by clicking on the heart icons below the Koolr on the Koolr description page) and help you elevate your artistic standing in the KoolrPix community.


My Favorites

Whenever you find a Koolr you love that has been shared by the KoolrPix community, you can add it to your  FAVORITES.  When other members add your Koolrs to their favorites, you accumulate addition points.

Users that Make Me Popular

As you become more popular, the members who have helped you on your path to becoming a Master Koolrizer are also acknowledged.  This works in your favor also whenever you assign HEARTS to other KoolrPix members.  Your avatar appearing on other member’s profile will help others discover you.  The social component in KoolrPix is designed to create a support community for new and emerging KoolrPix artists.


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