Creating a Profile

Creating Your KoolrPix Profile

OK, so you’ve registered an account with KoolrPix and you understand the basics: Content that isn’t free for everyone is clearly identified with a LOCK icon.  Affordable monthly and annual KoolrPix GOLD membership subscriptions are available to instantly unlock all available content.  And, because we’re an ART production studio, members enjoy the full benefits of having unfettered access to ALL NEW CONTENT we publish on KoolrPix through the full term of a selected membership.

Sharing the Koolrs you create with the KoolrPix community enables you to build a fan base and interact with them through your personal profile.  Once you have registered, you can access your private profile by selecting MY KOOLRS from the home page.


You can select the account details you want to share publically.

Select Details, and the EDIT button to add an avatar and personal description (optional), reset your password, and change your email address.  Click SAVE to save your changes.


 Personal Profile Details

Have some fun creating your personal profile.  Create an avatar (KoolrPix can help you with that!), and tell the KoolrPix community a little bit about yourself.

You accumulate points (your Achievement points) by creating, sharing and interacting with the KoolrPix community and your Facebook and Twitter followers.




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