KoolrPix Basics: Saving Your Koolrs

Saving Your Koolrs

When you save a KoolrPix template that you have edited, you have two options; you can save your Koolr as a PRIVATE image (For Your Eyes Only), or you can make the Koolr PUBLIC and share the image with the KoolrPix community.  By default, all images are stored for PRIVATE viewing only.  You must click the checkbox to make the image PUBLIC.  When you share an image publically, please adhere to the KoolrPix Term of Use.  All Koolrs shared publically are reviewed for appropriate subject matter and objectionable content.


Saving Your Own Edited Photos and Images

When you load your own photos and images into iKoolr, you can also save the finished Koolrs as PRIVATE or PUBLIC.  You can also designate whether you want to save your creation as an EDITABLE template, allowing the KoolrPix community to edit your original work.

When you choose to allow others to EDIT your Koolr, you are agreeing to allow others to EDIT your template design, but not save it as an editable design.  As the original designer of the template, you are identified as the original artist.  This is a great way for you to enhance your artistic profile in the KoolrPix community and at the same time allow others to benefit from your creativity as they create new Koolrs.

Leaving the save options unchecked, you save the template as a PRIVATE uneditable Koolr (for your eyes only, and not editable—by you or anyone else).



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