KoolrPix Basics: GOLD Membership

Everything Starts on the KoolrPix Homepage


Browse the KoolrPix Gallery of editable templates.  More great templates are added each week and all the major holidays are covered with templates you’ll be proud to personalize and share.  Many templates are available free for everyone to enjoy and use.  Templates that have a lock icon are available to all KoolrPix Gold Member subscribers.  Unlocking all the KoolrPix stamps and frame overlays, in addition to accessing all fonts and font patterns and presets is also included in the KoolrPix GOLD Membership.


Locked templates display a lock in the top left corner of the preview.  Templates without the lock icon are available free for everyone to use.  A KoolrPix GOLD Membership subscription unlocks ALL available templates, stamps, frames, fonts, presets and patterns.

A KoolrPix GOLD Membership Unlocks Everything


We’ve made it really easy for you to unlock all the KoolrPix content available (Templates, Stamps, Frames, Fonts, Presets and Patterns).  Since our artists produce more new content each week, we also wanted a way for you to enjoy instant access to ALL NEW CONTENT we publish.

Drum roll, please… The KoolrPix GOLD Membership has arrived!  Simply select a subscription term—MONTHLY or ANNUAL plan and you’re GOLDEN!  If you have a Facebook account you can connect to KoolrPix through Facebook and subscribe for an entire MONTH for FREE with our ONE Month Complimentary GOLD Membership plan! Subscription_Levels

We recognize that some users may want to use KoolrPix at different times of the year, centered around the recurring special occasions and holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.  This is where the MONTHLY plan really makes sense.  It’s only ONE DOLLAR!  a month for a GOLD Membership and you instantly unlock everything!  That’s less than the cost of a single Breakfast Burrito at Taco Bell!  You can cancel your membership at any time.  Payment processing is through our very secure payment gateway.  All credit card information is encrypted and sent securely via https .

We also understand that KoolrPix can easily become addictive for many people.  We designed our ANNUAL KoolrPix GOLD Membership to satisfy all these folks with the “fix” they demand.   Our introductory offer for KoolrPix fanatics everywhere is Just SEVEN DOLLRS! for a FULL YEAR’S WORTH of KoolrPix Koolness.  If you start with a ONE MONTH membership, you can easily upgrade to a full year KoolrPix GOLD Membership at any time.

Whether you select a MONTHLY or ANNUAL GOLD Membership subscription, you to enjoy all the benefits of being a KoolrPix GOLD Member:

  • Unlock ALL KoolrPix Templates, Stamp Overlays, Frames, Fonts, Presets and Patterns
  • Enjoy unlimited access to ALL new KoolrPix content the moment we publish it
  • Save and share your own editable templates
  • Create and save your own custom stamp overlays
  • Earn points and elevate your status in the KoolrPix community by Like & Share
  • Download and save your Koolrs on your computer
  • No KoolrPix watermark on your Koolr creations

Introductory Limited Time Offer!

Simply register with KoolrPix using your Facebook account and you automatically qualify for a complimentary ONE MONTH KoolrPix GOLD Membership account!  At the end of the month, we’re hoping you’ll want to continue making KoolrPix a regular destination and sign-up for our ONE-DOLLAR-A-MONTH, or SEVEN-DOLLARS-A-YEAR subscriptions plans .  Hipstagramers spend more than that on waffles and chai tea lattes for breakfast!



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