KoolrPix Basics: Exploring the Gallery

Exploring the KoolrPix Gallery

There are four types of KoolrPix templates; Editable text, Add your face/image, Animated, and Backgrounds.  We’ll discuss each of these in greater details in another section of the blog.

Select GALLERY and choose any of the popular subject categories to select a KoolrPix template.  You can also search for that special template using keyword search.


KoolrPix fanatics, like you, who have created their own Koolrs and saved them as editable Public Templates are also featured in the Shared Gallery and available for you to edit and share.  Editable templates are clearly identified on any Koolr properties page previews.  When you click on an editable template from any Gallery selection, you can also give it a rating by clicking on the hearts.  You can also add it to your favorites making it accessible via your personal Private Profile.


Clicking on a template from the Gallery displays the template properties.  Editable templates display the yellow corner sash.  Locked templates can be accessed by selecting a subscription option that works best for you (Monthly or Annual KoolrPix GOLD Membership).


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